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15th Nov, 23
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5 Jobs a student can get in Malta

5 Jobs a student can get in Malta


Whether the stay is short or long, some of the students coming to Malta require a source of income to help them cover some of their expenses. Here are 5 jobs that an English language student can get.

The jobs that a student can get in Malta are almost always related to the hospitality and tourism sector. Not only because of the high supply in this sector, but also because it is perhaps the area that offers the most flexibility in terms of working hours.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that Malta has made an excellent recovery in the economic sector, following the pandemic.


1- Work in hospitality and tourism

- Waiter / bartender: if you are a student in Malta, this is one of the most common options. Restaurants are constantly looking for staff, as employee turnover is high. A salary in a restaurant can vary between 5 and 6 euros per hour, plus tips.

- Cleaning: Hotels, offices and other businesses tend to hire a lot of students, as the hours are flexible and seasonal. Although it is a physically demanding job, some students who have a low level of English opt for this type of work.

- Cashiers: for some students who have already acquired a higher level of English, have a good command of cash collection software and experience as a cashier, this is an ideal option. Salaries can start from 5.5 euros and upwards.


2- Work in sales

Malta is an island that receives many tourists from all over the world. Shops and shops selling clothes, accessories, souvenirs, among others, see an opportunity in this market. This is why students in Malta have the possibility to get a job in any field.

It is important to note that students can only work 20 hours per week, which is why the number of shops that can be contracted under this modality is lower.

However, if you have a good level of English and are lucky enough to find a job in sales, you can easily get a job in sales. In general, you will be paid around 6 euros per hour.


3- Work in logistics and transport

There are a lot of businesses on the island that require a delivery service. That is why, through the different employment platforms, you can find several offers as a "delivery guy".

If you have driving experience, this is one of the jobs you can get as a student. Although the hours are less flexible than in the hospitality sector, you may be able to find a better salary.


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4- Work in real estate

Being a real estate agent in Malta is one of the jobs you can do as a student. Keep in mind that they require a better level of English. However, if you are at B1 level, you will be able to access them and the best thing is that they do not have many requirements.

The construction industry is very strong in Malta, which is why vacancies are constantly opening up in the real estate sector. What you should know about this type of job is that there is strong competition, and even if you have flexible working hours, you must have ample availability.

You should also bear in mind that, although the island is very well connected, the public transport system may not be the best option if you have to travel long distances to show property. 

In this industry, it is quite common for students to work on commission, so how much you can earn per month depends 100% on your effort and dedication.


5- Skilled labor

Even if you are a student, you can get a qualified job in Malta. If you have a good level of English, and you came to study to improve it, this could be an ideal option.

There are many interesting industries to explore in Malta, if you have a professional degree and experience in a high-demand sector. Professionals such as accountants, engineers, financial analysts, copywriters, among others, have a good chance of getting a qualified job.

In recent months, we have also seen many offers in the area of health care, child care in nurseries, among other areas that have started to open up for foreigners. A skilled worker can earn more than 8 euros per hour.


How can I work in Malta?

If you are a student, after your visa has been processed, you will be eligible for a 20-hour work permit. It doesn't matter if you are studying a language programme or a higher education programme, you will be eligible for part-time employment.

While you can work in Malta and be sponsored by an employer, improving your language skills will help you get better jobs and therefore better salaries. Even if you intend to stay longer on the island, the language will open more doors.

This is how studying English can help you to find a job that you really enjoy and with which you feel satisfied, from an economic point of view.


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