Master of Business Administration

Fees: Euros  €5000 (Online),   Euros  €7000 (1 months Immersion),   Euros  €15000 ( In campus, Switzerland)
DURATION: 12 Months   |   CREDITS: 60 ECTS

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Earn 60 ECTS that are valid across Europe to find new career opportunities in Europe & US


Award of Global MBA Degree

Accreditations & Collaborations

Rushford is certified by, and a member of various international agencies, making our programs well accepted internationally.


The Rushford 100% online Accelerated Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is designed for graduates and working professionals who have the passion and commitment to succeed in the business world. Rushford Business School offers a self-paced learning environment that is built on the latest technology to bring students, faculty, mentors, and a variety of knowledge sourced together for a world-class learning experience. The Rushford MBA is a hands-on program in which a student is not only expected to master core fundamentals of business and management but also to develop key skills along the way that can be applied at the workplace in real-time.

The Rushford MBA allows our graduates to accelerate their career aspirations through sheer knowledge, skills and wisdom building throughout the program. We ensure that the program exposes students to hands-on business and management learning. The Rushford MBA provides our students with the competitive advantage of a reputed European MBA degree that is taught by industry experts who solve business challenges in their work-life daily.

Each student at Rushford Business School is matched with an Industry mentor, preferably in the same industry in which the student is working or has aspirations to enter. The mentor guides the student through the course and provides the student with real-life experiential learning along with core learning taking place in the program. Rushford offers Recognition of Prior Experience (RPE) and thus a formal bachelor’s degree is not mandatory for entering this program.

Student Profiles

Khalid Raza

Khalid Raza is based in Japan, and is the President & CEO of NPT Co.,Ltd. The company delivers projects to hundreds of clients in the area of construction and human resources.

Onkgopotse K T Moeng

Onkgopotse is from South Africa, currently working in the mining sector with an organization called Anglo American. She is in charge of mine activity designs.

MFinley John Bailis

Finely is from the United States and has studied Aerospace Engineering in the US. He is currently working in Real Estate Development and Movie Production in Spain.

Djibril Dia

Djibril Dia is from Mali. She works as an Information Systems Specialist at a gold mining company called Alliedgold where she designs various IT solutions.

Ezekiel Dhitima

Ezekiel is from Zimbabwe. He works as a Medical Laboratory Scientist under the Ministry of Health and Childcare and is awaiting a timely retirement into agribusiness.

Khotso Ephraim Nonyana

Khotso Ephraim Nonyana is a serial entrepreneur from Lesotho, having founded two growing companies, Beautez Group & Lesodec Analytics in one year.

Alina Georgiana Gologan

Alina Georgiana Gologan is a Romanian with 11 years of work experience. She currently works for MedTech in Switzerland as a Clinical Research Manager.

Liam Bell

Liam Bell is currently working with Sermes CRO as a Pharmacovigilance Specialist. He has 4+ years of experience and is based in Madrid, Spain.

Admission Process

1. Complete the Application

Enrol for 10,000 Naira or 5000/- INR and complete your application along with ProU Team

2. Get Shortlisted

Your profile is evaluated basis of your personal and professional experience

3. Secure Admission

Upon receiving confirmation, block your seat with caution amount and pay the tuition fees


You are required to hold at minimum a recognised bachelor’s degree with a minimum overall score of 55% (GPA 2.0 on a 4.0 point scale) or higher.

In some instances, you may also require relevant work experience and/or research experience. If applicable, you may demonstrate this through submission of a CV, portfolio, and/or a personal statement.

English Language Proficiency:

Our programs are conducted in English language. As such, you must demonstrate proficiency in English language by submitting one of the following test scores during the application process:

IELTS Overall: 5.5
TOEFL (iBT: 58+; PBT: 490+; CBT: 167+)
TOEIC Overall: 555+
PTE Overall: 50+
Duolingo Overall: 90+

English Proficiency Waivers:

The English proficiency test is not required for the following candidates:

Native English Speakers, OR;
Applicants having completed their schooling in English (i.e. High School Diploma or IB), OR;
Applicants having completed their undergraduate or graduate studies in English, OR;
2 years of work experience in an organization where English is the primary language of communication.

The job outlook for graduates of MBA programs is generally positive. According to the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), MBA graduates have a strong track record of finding employment and achieving high levels of success in their chosen careers.

MBA graduates often go on to work in leadership roles in a variety of industries, including finance, consulting, and healthcare. Many also start their own businesses or become entrepreneurs.

The job market for MBA graduates has remained relatively stable despite economic fluctuations, with demand for MBA graduates remaining steady. The GMAC's "Corporate Recruiters Survey" report states that the percentage of companies planning to hire MBA graduates has remained constant at around 50% for the last decade.

Additionally, MBA graduates tend to command high salaries and have strong earning potential. According to the GMAC's "Alumni Perspectives Survey," the median base salary for MBA graduates is $120,000, and the median signing bonus is $25,000.

Overall, the job outlook for MBA graduates is positive, with strong demand for graduates in a variety of industries and the potential for high earning potential.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Online

Total 15 Courses (12 Core + 3 Electives)

Average Course Length: 3 weeks

Core Courses ECTS
Managerial Economics 4
Managerial Skills 4
Accounting for Financial Reporting 4
Accounting for Managerial Decisions 4
Cutting Edge Leadership 4
Financial Management 4
Operations Management: Productivity & Quality 4
International Business Environment 4
Leadership and Managing Human Capital 4
Marketing Management 4
Business Statistics 4
Sales Management 4
Core Electives ( Choose any three) ECTS
Business Law 4
Business Analytics 4
Strategic Management: Integrating the Enterprise 4
Organisational Behaviour 4

Academic Partners

Rushford brings you a comprehensive network of academic partners so that we can offer you a rich and valuable educational experience.


Career Support

All students at Rushford Business School are provided career support in the form of resume development, interview preparation, job search guidance etc.

Application Tracking

Kindly submit your application using our online application portal. You will be able to track the various stages of your application.

We focus on your development!

Real World Simulations
Various courses are accompanied by simulations in which you are given a situation that you must resolve based on what you learnt in the program and your experience. There are usually no right or wrong answers in simulations. They are to make you understand how a situation may unfold in the real world and prepare you to make the right decisions.
Personality Assessment
As an incoming student at Rushford you will undergo a personality assessment using a validated tool for MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) to help you unlock the potential of personal growth. It is a groundbreaking framework that empowers you to hone your skills, identify strengths and differences, and lay the groundwork for an enriching journey of self improvement.
Networking Events
We understand the importance of networking in building a successful career. That's why we offer a range of networking events to help our students connect with industry professionals and build the relationships that can lead to new opportunities.
People & Tech Skills
Both people and technology skills are essential for success in today's world. We have entered in a new era of business and management wherein the paradigm of interaction between people and machines is changing and evolving at a rapid pace. What was relevant 5 years ago is not as relevant today. At Rushford, we offer you an ungraded skillset of both people skills and technology skills so that you can better appreciate how to operate in this new paradigm and be prepared for the landscape change that is inevitable in the coming years.

Highly Rated Rushford Business School Faculty

Our Testimonial

" My mentor helped me see new perspectives in solving business problems and rightly guided me all along until the completion of my program.".

Santosh Shreshta MBA Finance

" The experience, training and knowledge I gained was key to improving my personal skills and enriching my professional and training project.".

Sol Vega Maria FarfanMBA Real Est. Mgmt.

" Half of my learning was a result of my mentor helping me to see the contrasts and similarities between what I was studying in class versus what happened in the real world."

Giridhara N. MBA - Real Est. Mgmt.

"I am working as joint managing director in Aquatek Sanitary Fittings Pvt Ltd. I have learnt a lot about the market flow and it helps me to understand the need of the market."

Deepak KumarMBA - Marketing

"The contents and curriculum are at par with the global reputed universities like Oxford and Cambridge. Joining Rushford was the best decision for me."

Rohit PanishMBA

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