Executive Certificate in

Sales & Marketing Management in Digital Ecosystem

  • 3 Months

  • Online

  • UAE + EGV


About The Program

Sales and Marketing Management in the Digital Ecosystem involves the strategic planning, coordination, and execution of sales and marketing activities within the context of the digital landscape. In today's interconnected world, businesses must leverage digital channels, technologies, and platforms to effectively reach and engage their target audiences. This requires a holistic approach that integrates sales and marketing efforts within the broader digital ecosystem.

What's Included In The Program

  • Live interactive sessions
  • Mentor assisstance
  • Internship opportunity
  • Hands-on Projects
  • LMS Access
  • Multiple Recognized Certifications


Our Projects

  • Time Series Modelling using R
  • Customer segmentation using R

Our Certifications

Our renowned certifications with Unique IDs and a QR code are highly beneficial for learners as it can be referred to for background verifications in the future. With these certifications you will be vouched for being a professional.

We recognize your efforts and keep our word by providing you with a training completion certification for determination.


The purpose of this course is to make you as efficient and effective at selling as possible. You will gain several critical skills and disciplines that will accelerate your success with your small or large company and your life. The ability to sell is a necessity in this world. Whether it’s standing out in a crowd, selling yourself to a new employer, or winning new customers, selling is something we do every day, and we should be great at it! This specialization is designed as an adventure of discovery. You will be tested, taught, and transformed through a series of lectures, discussions, and exercises that are designed to push you up and out of your comfort zone. You will learn how to target and acquire customers and get them to fall in love.


Week 1

Customer Segmentation & Prospecting

Week 2

Creating the Ideal Pitch - Learn how to define product and services that you intend to sell

Week 3

Understanding Sales Tools - Automations, CRMs

Week 4

Measuring Sales - Top Line, CAC - Customer Acquisition Cost, Funnel Management

Week 5

Real Life Project (Any One) - Certificates to be provided directly by companies you take project for.

Project 1 : Creating Sales Strategy for a Fintech Company

Project 2 : Creating Sales Strategy for a Stock Exchange Listed Diagnostic Company

Corporate Pathway

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ProU Institute?

ProU Institute is founded by global leaders in IT & Management domain who have worked in over 60 countries and have served as VPs, CXOs

How do I benefit from ProU?

You get the best of academic and corporate right on your mobile and laptop! You can learn from our intuitive online learning portal with recorded curated sessions, Attend live sessions and work on real internships by top global companies.

Can I get a Job after the ProU programme?

YES! We provide skills along with internships to make you job-ready! Whether you want to make a career as a Blockchain Developer or Data Scientist you will have the confidence to pursue your career after the programme.

How do I pay my Fees?

We have multiple options, you can pay directly on website or on LMS

Will I need to physically attend lectures?

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