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Our team consists of industry experts with years of rich knowledge and renowned experience, ready to teach.

Adnan Sarwar

Business & Tourism Instructor

Ethan Feng

Tourism Instructor

Mike Bisson

Business and Tourism Instructor

Sourabh Aggarwal

Business Instructor

Subbalakshmi Pillai

Tourism Instructor

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Our Courses

Tuition Fees$8000 USD


In this 2 year diploma program, students will be exposed to the areas of finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, human resources, accounting, personnel management, new business development, and organizational planning; which will ultimately prepare them for wide-ranging career paths in business administration.

  • Weeks Of Study - 63 Weeks Scheduled Breaks - 50
  • Weeks Total113
  • PAYMENT PLAN 25% Deposit Plus 3 Installments Of 25%
  • START DATES May 29, 2023 | July 24,2023 | Sep 18, 2023

10 Hours / Week In Person + 10 Hours / Week Online

Tuition Fees$8000 USD


In this 2 year diploma program, students will be exposed to the areas of customer service, transportation, communication, product knowledge, tour development and management, tourism law, business math and event management

  • Weeks Of Study - 64 Weeks Scheduled Breaks - 50 Work Experience - 12 Weeks
  • Weeks Total126
  • PAYMENT PLAN 25% Deposit Plus 3 Installments Of 25%
  • START DATES May 29, 2023 | July 24,2023 | Sep 18, 2023

10 Hours / Week In Person + 10 Hours / Week Online

Semester 1

ACC1045: Introduction to Accounting (3 credits)
BUS1125: Business Professionalism (3 credits)
BUS1146: Intro to Business Management (3 credits)
BUS1211: Business Mathematics (3 credits)
ECN1101: Microeconomics (3 credits)
ENG1002: College Communications (3 credits)
ISP3026: Spreadsheets for Business (3 credits)

Semester 2

ACC1050: Financial Accounting (3 credits)
BUS1111: Business Research Methods (3 credits)
BUS1153: CSR and Ethics (3 credits)
BUS1212: Financial Mathematics (3 credits)
ECN1202: Macroeconomics (3 credits)
MKT1204: Foundations of Marketing (3 credits)
PSY1125: Positive Psychology (3 credits)

Semester 3

ACC2312: Managerial Accounting (3 credits)
BUS1233: Statistics (3 credits)
BUS2041: Human Resources Management (3 credits)
ENG2205: Business Reports/Presentations (3 credits)
FIN1101: Corporate Finance (3 credits)
MKT1200: Applied Marketing (3 credits)
SSC1000: Media and Current Events (3 credits)

Semester 4

BUS1037: Project Management (3 credits)
BUS1217: Strategic Business Decisions (3 credits)
BUS2040: Organizational Behaviour (3 credits)
BUS2320: Business Law (3 credits)
BUS3501: Operations Management (3 credits)
MKT3680: Professional Selling (3 credits)
FIT1115: Health & Wellness (3 credits)

Semester 1

ACC1220: Business Records (3 credits)
ENG1002: College Communications (3 credits)
TRL1110: Land Arrangements (3 credits)
TTP1100: Introduction to Tourism Industry (4 credits)
TWD1102: Destination Products – Canada & USA (3 credits)
BUS1106: Computerized Business Applications (3 credits)
ECN1002: Economics (3 credits)

Semester 2

BUS2040: Organizational Behaviour (3 credits)
ENG2305: Workplace & Employment Writing (3 credits)
MKT1106: Marketing for Tourism & Hospitality (4 credits)
TTP1007: Ticketing & Tariffs (3 credits)
TWD1201: Destination Products & Research (4 credits)
TTP1101: Tour & Package Holidays (3 credits)
FIT1115: Health & Wellness (3 credits)
HRP1000: Introduction to Human Resources (3 credits)

Semester 3

TCB1101: Computer Reservations (4 credits)
TTP1102: Cross Cultural & Niche Tourism (4 credits)
TTP1004: Tourism Law & Risk Management (4 credits)
TTP1103: Meeting & Conference Planning (2 credits)
BUS1600: Customer Service (3 credits)
BUS3585: Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
PSY1125: Positive Psychology (GEN.ED) (3 credits)
PSY1001: Psychology of Evil (3 credits)

Semester 4

MKT2320: Professional Selling (3 credits)
TTP1010: Field Placement (7 credits)
TTP1008: Intro to the Cruise Industry (3 credits)
TTP1009: Workplace Readiness (1 credit)
TTP1011: Adventure Leisure & Ecotourism (3 credits)

Working Professionals
Recently cleared Senior Secondary (12th Std)
Fresh Graduates

Future pathways

Academic Opportunities:
Graduates of this program may continue their studies at university and may receive credit for their prior College education
Employment Opportunities:
Business Management
and more... 

Our students come from over 25 countries

We embrace diversity and global mindedness

Vancouver Campus

960 Quayside Dr., New Westminster, BC, V3M 6G2 Tel: +1 (604) 553 2835 Email:

Our Testimonial

"I love exploring and started searching for a college at which I can engage with tourism, culture, and entrepreneurship, and I found Hanson College. It provides endless opportunities and career paths that can open up the world for you".

Reet Sandhu Tourism Student

"I appreciate how inclusive the community at Hanson College is. Being able to support my peers while learning from them and building relationships is an extremely fulfilling experience".

Michael TanBusiness Peer Mentor

"I choose Hanson College because it is student-friendly and the staff always tries to understand their students situation, unlike other colleges I know of."

Kamaljit Singh Tourism Student

Frequently Asked Questions

IS Hanson College (BC) a DLI?
Hanson College British Columbia Campus is a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada, which means that international students who graduate from the college's programs may be eligible for a PGWP. However, eligibility for a PGWP depends on several factors, including the length of the program, the type of credential earned, and the student's status in Canada.
Why is Fee Higher on Website & PROU is offering a lower fee?
PROU has entered an exclusive tie - up with Hanson for their BC campus, offering scholarships to eligible students in Nigeria
IS IELTS mandatory?
IELTS is exempted for Nigerian students.
What programs does Hanson College British Columbia Campus offer?
Hanson College British Columbia Campus offers programs in Business Management, Tourism
What is the duration of these programs?
The Business Management and Hospitality Management programs are 24 months in duration
What are the admission requirements for these programs?
All Academic Documents with WAEC/NECO Checker, Updated Resume, Passport front & Back.
How can I apply to these programs?
Once all documents are verified by PROU , We can proceed with your application.
What is the tuition fee for these programs?
Diploma in Business Management- $ 9000 (Canadian Dollars) Diploma in Tourism- $10,000 (Canadian Dollars)
Will I get PGWP after completing a Diploma from Hanson?
As it’s a Private course- (Skill based), the course structure is designed in such a week that students get work experience along with study. He can apply or continue with existing jobs.
Course Break up for Diploma in Business?
63 weeks study + 50 weeks scheduled break = 113 weeks
Course Break up for Diploma in Business?
64 weeks study + 50 weeks scheduled break + 12 weeks ( work experience) =126 weeks
Will I get LOA if I enroll with PROU?
We will do the due diligence for Applications but offer letters will be issued to eligible candidates.
Can I take my spouse along with me ?
You Can apply for your dependent visa once your visa is approved.
How many hours of work is allowed during the course?
As the course is in Hybrid mode student can work for 20 hrs minimum in a week and 40 hrs maximum during term break
Can I Fee in Instalments?
Yes Fee can be paid in 4 equal instalments to the college

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