Breaking Down the Top 10 Myths About Studying Abroad

23rd Oct, 23
Author: Aditi Joshi
Unlocking Opportunities in Global Education with Prou A Partner Program Introduction

The ProU Channel Partner program, ensures you receive the latest and most extensive details available. As partners, you'll gain access to a vast network of over 300 carefully curated programs spanning diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate levels. What's more, our program offers the potential for increased and incremental revenues, with an average partner earning an impressive 3-4 million Naira per month. For aspiring students in search of scholarships, we proudly offer guaranteed scholarship opportunities for Canada, Australia, Germany, the USA, and Bulgaria.

We're a global presence, spanning regions such as Lagos, Nairobi, Europe (including Spain and Germany), UAE, and Asia (with a base in Mumbai).

To provide you with the most comprehensive and up-to-date information, we have prepared a video featuring key members of our team discussing the ProU Channel Partner program. The video covers a wide range of topics, including the benefits of becoming a ProU channel partner, our commitment to support and collaboration, and the latest product developments and updates that you and your customers will find invaluable.

Why Join ProU Partner Program?

ProU's core mission and vision are straightforward: we aim to provide students with access to high-quality global education and financial support. Our commitment is to guide students through the entire process, from admission to visa applications, loans, accommodations, and even remittances abroad, creating a seamless experience for students and their families.

Exclusive Access and Support

As a ProU channel partner, you'll receive exclusive access to 100+ universities and colleges across Canada, the USA, the UK, Malta, Bulgaria, Australia, Ireland, and the UAE. This ensures that you can provide your clients with a wide range of choices for their education.

Moreover, we offer guaranteed scholarships for students, easing the financial burden of higher education. Students can also benefit from our visa and funding assistance, ensuring a smooth transition to studying abroad.

Financial Benefits

One unique aspect of ProU is our same-day payouts, making the financial aspects of partnering with us hassle-free. With quick commission payments, you can trust that your earnings will be in your account promptly. Furthermore, we understand the urgency of getting started, and that's why we offer a streamlined onboarding process that allows you to get started within 24 hours.

Scholarship Programs for Global Education

Now, let's talk about the exciting scholarship programs that are turning heads in the current education landscape. For instance, the Guaranteed Business Scholarships (GBS) in Malta offer exclusive scholarships for students from Nigeria and Kenya. Malta's unique advantages include low unemployment rates (just 2.9%), government support, and recognition by the UK qualifications body.

Furthermore, Essential Business School in France is another destination for students looking to explore educational opportunities in Europe. ProU's scholarships are available for various programs across multiple business schools in France.

Financial Services and Partner Programs

ProU offers a wide array of services, from admission assistance to visa support, loans, accommodations, and remittances abroad. With ProU, there's no need for students or their families to stress about the details. We handle it all, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Additionally, our partnership program includes silver and gold plans, with the gold plan offering comprehensive visa assistance, making it an attractive option for students and partners.

Intakes and Application Timelines

For those planning to apply, here's an overview of intake options. You can consider February intakes for Europe and Canada, as well as January intakes for the USA. These options ensure flexibility and various starting points throughout the year.

Age Requirements and Other Criteria

ProU doesn't impose strict age restrictions. We've seen professionals as old as 40-45 years pursuing diploma programs in Canada. The emphasis is on assessing applicants holistically, taking their professional journey into account.

Commission and Student Payments

Commissions are a frequently asked question. When students pay their fees, the commission is remitted within 24 hours, providing a prompt and transparent process. However, for the gold plan, which includes visa assistance, the process may take up to 30 days after the student reaches their destination.

Student Loans and Other Financial Services

For educational loans, ProU has partnered with top global lending organizations such as Empower, Prodigy, and Nomad Credit. If a student is enrolled in a college that is registered with these organizations, you can be assured that their loans will be handled efficiently.

Various Destinations and Scholarships

ProU's partnership programs span across various countries, including Germany, Portugal, Holland, Bulgaria, the USA, Australia, and more. Scholarships aren't restricted to one particular country, so there's flexibility in choosing the right destination for students.

English Language Proficiency and Visa Processing

Most of our partner universities do not require IELTS or TOEFL. We have successfully secured waivers for these exams for Nigerian students. In certain cases, the focus is on demonstrating English as a main subject or mother tongue.

Qualifications for Admission

Admission requirements are generally consistent across our partner universities. Essential documents include WAEC, NECO results, a valid passport, transcripts or resume, and national ID cards. These criteria ensure that students are well-prepared for their academic journey.

Transparency and Partnerships

To clarify, our scholarships are not full scholarships, but they cover up to 30% of tuition fees. We operate transparently and are dedicated to working closely with our partners to ensure their success.

At ProU, we're committed to helping students worldwide access world-class education, and we're excited to have you join us on this journey as our valued partners.

To get started, feel free to contact us today via WhatsApp/Call at +234 812 208 4070.

With ProU, you're opening doors to a world of educational opportunities and financial benefits. Join us today!