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21st Oct, 23
Author: Aditi Joshi
Questions on Life Changer - The JAMB Novel Explained

For Nigerian students preparing to take the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) examination, understanding and successfully answering questions related to the prescribed novel, "Life Changer," is crucial. In this blog post, we'll delve into the novel's plot, themes, characters, and potential questions you might encounter on the JAMB exam.

Plot of "Life Changer":

"Life Changer" is a novel written by Khadija Abubakar Jalli. It tells the story of Salma, a young girl who is determined to overcome various challenges to acquire an education. The novel explores the journey of a courageous girl who defies societal norms and expectations to pursue her dreams.

As you read "Life Changer," focus on the plot's progression, key events, and character development. Understanding the storyline is essential for answering questions about the novel.

Main Characters:

  1. Salma: The determined protagonist, Salma, is the central character of the novel. Her pursuit of education in the face of adversity is at the heart of the story.

  2. Umar: Umar is a supportive friend of Salma who encourages her in her educational journey.

  3. Salma's Parents: Salma's parents grapple with traditional beliefs and societal pressures as they navigate their daughter's pursuit of education.

Understanding the roles and motivations of these characters is essential for comprehending the novel and answering related questions.

Themes in "Life Changer":

As you prepare to tackle questions on "Life Changer," consider these central themes:

  1. Education: The novel underscores the importance of education and the lengths to which individuals may go to attain it, especially in the face of adversity.

  2. Gender Equality: "Life Changer" addresses gender disparities and the struggle of women to achieve equal opportunities in education and life.

  3. Societal Expectations: The story highlights the clash between traditional expectations and the aspirations of young people like Salma.

Potential Questions on "Life Changer" in the JAMB Exam:

To excel in the JAMB exam, it's important to be prepared for questions related to the novel. Here are some types of questions you might encounter:

  1. Comprehension Questions: These may test your understanding of the novel's plot, character motivations, and key events.

  2. Theme-Based Questions: Expect questions that ask you to analyze the novel's central themes, such as education, gender equality, and societal expectations.

  3. Character Analysis Questions: You may be asked to discuss the roles and development of the novel's main characters, such as Salma, Umar, and Salma's parents.

  4. Contextual Questions: These questions may require you to consider the historical and cultural context of the story to provide answers.

  5. Literary Devices: Be prepared for questions that ask you to identify and analyze literary devices used in the novel, such as metaphors, symbolism, and foreshadowing.

Preparing for "Life Changer" Questions:

To prepare effectively for questions on "Life Changer," follow these steps:

  • Read the Novel Thoroughly: Ensure you have a strong grasp of the novel's plot, characters, and themes.

  • Take Notes: Make notes on important plot points, character descriptions, and notable quotes.

  • Practice Past Questions: Familiarize yourself with past JAMB questions related to the novel. This can help you understand the types of questions you may encounter and how to approach them.

  • Analyze Themes and Characters: Spend time considering the novel's themes and the development of its key characters.

  • Seek Assistance: If you encounter challenging aspects of the novel or have questions, consider reaching out to teachers, mentors, or educational resources like ProU Education for guidance.

ProU Education and "Life Changer" Preparation:

For Nigerian students seeking support and guidance with their preparations for the novel-based questions in the JAMB exam, ProU Education offers resources and assistance tailored to help students understand and excel in this critical section of the examination. With ProU Education's support, you can confidently tackle the questions related to "Life Changer" and perform at your best.

Remember that your performance on questions about the prescribed novel can significantly impact your overall JAMB score. Dedicate time to understanding the novel's plot, themes, and characters to enhance your chances of success in the JAMB examination.

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